Our Story

Established in early 2000s, MS Gold Bullion Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of MS Group of Companies which focuses on gold trading business including sourcing, supplying and trading of gold and related products.

A Time-Honoured Reputation

Founded by Dato Robert Leong, MS Group of Companies has acquired a long-standing reputation in the gold industry with more than 30 years of experience in gold industry. Driven by passion in jewellery-making along with its commitment for offering top-notch craftsmanship that goes beyond customers’ expectations, the company has expanded from small jewellery maker into a group of companies with about 100 employees with its headquarters located in Kuala Lumpur.

A Multi-Faceted Player in
the Gold Industry

With a solid supply chain, MS Group of Companies has been a trusted gold supplier to a wide network of gold jewellery retailers in Malaysia and Southeast Asia for many years. Today, MS Group of Companies has become one of the multi-faceted major players in the gold industry, ranging from gold jewellery manufacturing and supplies, to gold retailing and gold trading.

Owing to its rapid expansion, it has ventured into gold trading in early 2000s under its subsidiary company, MS Gold Bullion Sdn Bhd. The founder of MS Group of Companies, Dato Robert Leong, who is also currently assuming the role as the Managing Director, has led the group to a greater height, enhancing its gold trading activities with strategic assets, offering valuable insights of market places, which in turn optimizes the overall gold supply chain and efficiency in gold trading. Recognized for his profound leadership and experience in the gold industry, Dato Robert Leong has been appointed as the Vice President of Federation of Goldsmith and Jewellers Association of Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and Pahang.

Reputable for the
Highest Quality Gold Bullion

MS Gold Bullion kickstarted its gold trading internationally across South East Asia in year 2010, and is currently trading worldwide covering three continents, namely Asia, Australia and Europe. With an in-house team of skillful and experienced experts in gold refining, MS Gold Bullion is able to offer the highest quality bullion products, covering all aspects from refining and storage to manufacturing and distribution, as well as gold trading and its related processes and services.

All-Inclusive Solution for Physical Trading

Through long-standing collaboration with prominent logistics companies around the world, MS Gold Bullion is now a leading bullion trading hub, offering location swaps worldwide in a diverse shapes and fineness, making physical trading more convenient for investors and traders. From 995 large gold bar traded in London Gold Market to the preferred kilobar deliverable in Asia, MS Gold Bullion provides an all-inclusive trading solution for traders and investors for greater efficiency, making gold trading processes and logistics handling hassle-free. In a nutshell, from shipping, purchasing and refining, MS Gold Bullion provides its core expertise to assist its clients in handling daily movements of physical material with emphasis in optimizing trading efficiency to safeguard the best interest of its clients as time and financial implications of these movements are crucial factors influencing the gains for its clients.

Cutting-Edge Refining

Working closely with an in-house team of skillful and experienced experts complemented with cutting-edge technology and excellence in gold refining, MS Gold Bullion offer its clients the greatest flexibility and accessibility to gold refining services. In short, MS Gold Bullion serves as a central hub connecting its clients to the best refining services for optimal gains in gold trading.